ImmsLink Links

Azure Security

ImmsLink Admin - web UI on Azure for ImmsLink Administration
Portal Demo - POC customer/registry portal including ImmsVerify
McKesson Stats - graphs of stats for McKesson service
McKesson Immslink Web Job Stats - perf for McKesson transactions with Immslink
ImmsLink System Test - system sanity checks using loopback
Activity Graph - graphs of stats
Customer Activity - activity history of the majors
Registry Dashboard - updates every 15 minutes showing traffic for major registries
Immucert System Test - system sanity checks

VPN Security

McKesson Admin UI - McKesson/ Bartells/ Wegmans/ HyVee/ Ingles/ Coborns
File Ingestor 2.0 - bulk ingestion via flat files
JSON Prettifier - utility to format JSON
HL7 Parser - utility to parse HL7
MyIR Fetcher - utility to look up MyIR entries by CVX codes

Wide Open - real time monitor
Immslink Links - this page, also available in lower left hand corner of
Immucert Admin UI - Immucert Logs Access
DCH Admin UI - Data Clearing House AdminUI

About Security

There are 3 main levels of security plus a 3rd pseudo-level.

Wide Open

This level of security is wide open to anyone on the Internet. For example, this links page is wide open. A few things in this category (Immucert and DcH) implement their own built-in security which is what is referred to as a "pseudo-level". It is robust security, just that the front pages are available to anyone.

VPN Security

These use IP block white listing to provide a modicum of security. You can hit them by logging into the VPN. A few reference DNS only available from within the VPN.

Azure Security

The sites within this security level typically contain PII and require the highest level of security. They use Azure's Active Directory login.